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Boner Magazine

Porn Up! 



Boner Magazine

18+, hardcore, cheeky entertainment in two languages and an extensive calendar of events – this is the success story of Boner Magazine in publication since 2013. The free magazine produced in Berlin now has a circulation of 25,000 copies per month in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The mixture of scene news, articles on fashion, (counter-)culture, or men‘s health, 2500+ event listings across the German-speaking world and the striking photography hits the mark with our readers. Today „Boner“ is the largest gay magazine in Europe.

Sales partners outside of the D-A-CH region are welcomed and can offer Boner Magazine to their customers for an RRP of 6.00 Euro due to the increased sales effort.

Category: Hardcore (18+)
Frequency: Monthly
Languages: German, English
Pages: 84-100
D-A-CH Countries: Free
In all other countries: 6.00 Euro

Porn Up! … your life

Every month the magazine features hardcore scenes from the latest films from the top porn labels. Words simply get in the way and the producers of the selected productions simply won’t let anything take away from their work. These photos are guaranteed to turn the reader on!

Additionally, with every issue the reader receives a porn DVD with one complete film featured in the magazine for tantalizing adult entertainment. Thanks to the changing monthly collaboration with the labels, each new porn-up edition is refreshingly different and always speaks to new audience segments.

Category: Hardcore (18+)
Frequency: Monthly
Languages: German, English, French
Pages: 68
Sale Price: 12.95 Euro

Young Men to dream about

Dreamboys – these are young, handsome men from all over the world, photographed in the hottest poses. Sexually supercharged pictures of young men who are just beginning their adult life and are sure to spark the reader’s naughty side. Forever young!

With its erotic short stories, the magazine excites the imagination of boys and men of all ages. The writing and images displayed in Dreamboys highlights and draws upon the exciting world of sexual discovery and exploration of adolescent gay men.
Every month a new dose of virgin innocence.

Category: Soft-core (16+)
Frequency: Monthly
Languages: German, English
Pages: 68
Sale Price: 9.95 EUR

Hot Muscle Men

Macho is the magazine in which testosterone can almost be felt: every month, the hottest muscle guys are featured – anywhere from the “stud-next-door”-type to the latest stars in the international porn scene. Unapologetically alpha.

The hot and sweaty fuck stories are aimed at experienced readers and those who seek to push their own boundaries. The featured articles in Macho Magazine are new: excerpts from photo books, interviews with artists, or articles on relevant topics in the gay scene make every issue a noteworthy magazine for real men.

Category: Soft-core (16+)
Frequency: Monthly
Languages: German, English
Pages: 100
Sale Price: 9.95 Euro

Gay City Guide Berlin
The City Guide for the gay Berlin.

Since 2004, the Gay City Guide for Berlin has been offered in 100's of locations and
updated with fresh information and locations every six months. Two new versions are
presented each calendar year - Gay Pride in July and during the winter holidays of
Christmas and New Year.
This very practical pocket size guide easily unfolds to show you maps of Berlin with
integrated listings by category of gay and gay friendly places of interest in Germany's fun
filled capital city.

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dass der Begriff Urning von dem deutschen Jurist, Journalist, Verleger, Schriftsteller und Pionier der Sexualwissenschaft Karl Heinrich Ullrichs geprägt wurde?

Auszug aus Wikipedia: ….weil die bis dato benutzten Ausdrücke für die Vertreter des dritten Geschlechts ihm zu sehr negativ gefärbt erschienen, führte Ulrichs seine eigenen Begriffe ein. Seine Terminologie baute sich auf der Rede Pausanias in Platons Symposion (Kapitel 8 und 9), die zwei Formen der Liebesgöttin Aphrodite vorstellt: Den heterosexuellen Mann bezeichnete Ulrichs als Dioning – nach der Göttin Aphrodite Dionea, die Zeus als Vater und Dione als Mutter hatte und somit verschiedengeschlechtliche Liebe repräsentierte. Den homosexuellen Mann bezeichnete Ulrichs als Urning – nach der Göttin Aphrodite Urania, die nach der Legende aus abgetrennten Körperteilen ihres Vaters Uranus entstand, also eingeschlechtliche Liebe repräsentierte. Ulrichs’ Systematik sah auch den Begriff Urninde für eine homosexuelle Frau vor.